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2020 Wild Wonder Nature Journal Conference class by J.P. Panter

I’m going to walk you through some steps and you are going to end up with some notes, mostly about grids and guides that you can use over and over in your future journals to help create interesting and impactful pages.

We begin by looking at books and how the pages are laid out. Did you know there is a specific way our eyes FLOW over the pages of a book? Did you know it's been this way for hundreds of years?!?!?

Then we are going to look at different ways to divide up your pages / blank spaces that create harmonious ratios. I will talk briefly about the “Rule of Thirds”, “The Primary Harmonic Rectangle,” how to use a GRIDS and ways you can think of design elements on a page.

Last, we are going to look at some of my pages as well as in print materials, and how to practice looking at them with the eyes of a designer. It is my hope by the end that you’ll be able to analyze what you are seeing and therefore ‘steal like an artist,' to create new page layouts for yourself.

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